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Develop a personalized plan with our certified PGA and LPGA Instructors to learn or improve your game! Utilizing the most modern video analysis tools, we’ll custom design lessons and pinpoint areas for improvement. Then, you'll work with your instruction to shave strokes off your game.

FlightScope Logo  FlightScope X2 Elite

FlightScope vx2Now we can combine the power of radar with the visual feedback of video for the most complete picture of your golf swing. Our PGA and LPGA-certified instructions can show your club impact parameters side by side with visual feedback of your swing to provide you the most complete picture of your swing. Using video analysis alone provides visual feedback, and adding FlightScope club and ball tracking provides precise quantitative data of the club and ball travel as a result of the golf swing.

Tomi Logo  TOMI Pro Putting System

Tomi Impact SpotOur professional instructors will help you improve your putting with the TOMI Pro putting system. using the TOMI system, our instructors will break down every aspect of your stroke and give you a detailed a analysis to compare and improve upon on your next attempt. Now, you can compare your stroke to that of your last attempt, or you can compare your stroke to that of the best putters in the world.

There are certain aspects of your putting stroke that are just not visible by the naked eye and to really get down to the mechanics behind your swing, you need the use of laser precision instruments. A solid putting game is essential to your overall success and is one of the elements that have haunted many excellent players.

V1 Logo     V1 Swing Analysis

V1 Swing AnalysisImagine attending a lesson with your instructor, who records a few of your swings and then breaks down your swing on a tablet. That's what happens here at Lyman Orchards. We use both a plane lines representation and side-by-side comparison with a tour pro to help analyze your stroke and make adjustments. Then, the most pertinent pictures and video can be sent to your e-mail, viewable on your smartphone, tablet or computer.