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Would you like to learn the basics with similarly experienced golfers? Or do you have a great group of friends that want to get on the course and learn to play? In just a few short weeks you can make it happen. Our Get Golf Ready and Golf Fore Women programs are two ideal group lesson options in the idyllic setting of Lyman Orchards.

Led by our expert instructors, these five-week group golf lessons teach you the skills necessary to get out and enjoy the game in a fun and relaxed group setting. From instruction at our range to on-course learning, our group lessons not only teach you important golf skills, they show you how to apply them as you play.

Men's Program - Playing Through

The Front Nine

This program is designed for the new male golfer; ideal for someone who has never held a golf club and/or brand new to the game.

The Back Nine

This program is designed for the beginning male golfer; ideal for the golfer who knows a little bit about golf but has never had a lesson or may have played before but needs a refresher on the basic fundamentals.

The Graduate

This program is designed for the beginner or intermediate male golfer that has completed our basic instruction classes but needs to reinforce the fundamentals and learn how to become more comfortable on the golf course.

Breaking 100

This program is designed for the intermediate or experienced male golfer looking to improve their game and lower their scores.  Previous lessons or experience recommended.

Breaking 90

This program is designed for the advanced male golfer focusing in improving a particular aspect of their game.  We will also focus upon course management skill sets to lower scores.  Previous instruction and golf course experience required.

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Programs & Pricing

Playing Through - The Front Nine $99


Playing Through - The Back Nine $129


Playing Through - The Graduate $179


Playing Through - Breaking 100 $259


Playing Through - Breaking 90 $329