Lyman Orchards and Lyman Golf are very proud to announce that the readers and voters of Connecticut Magazine have named Lyman Golf as having the BEST PUBLIC GOLF COURSE in 2021.  If you are only familiar with Lyman Orchards as making “that delicious pie you buy at the supermarket” and were not even aware that Lyman Golf exists, then this may come as a pleasant surprise!  Yes, Lyman Golf can be found right at Lyman Orchards, and it is officially the best public golfing available in CT. 

If you’re still wondering how Connecticut’s favorite orchard came to have the Best Public Golf Course in CT, let us fill you in:  The journey started in the 1960s after the dairy operation (!!) was being phased out of the Lyman pastures.  The Lyman family decided to embark on an entirely new field of business by putting a golf course on the extra acres no longer dedicated to cattle.  Constructed commenced in 1967 and the Robert Trent Jones course opened for play in 1969. 

Running an orchard and a golf course is like being on Mother Nature’s payroll.  She provides the miracle of nature in the bounty of fruits for picking and the splendor of rolling hills for golfing.  But she can also be fickle and alternate between weekends of flooding with weeks of drought-like conditions and unbearable heat or hurricane-force winds or freezing temperatures when it should be warm.  Being a family-owned farm since 1741, Lyman Orchards has been employed by Mother Nature long enough to learn a few predictive and preventive strategies to stay afloat in the ever-changing New England weather.  So, while it was a nerve-wracking first few years of operation for Lyman Golf, the Jones Course eventually became a beloved part of the family business.       

In fact, by the 1980’s it was determined that running a golf operation was slightly less impacted by the erratic behavior of Mother Nature than raising fruits and vegetables.  So, in the interest of boosting the positive impact of the golf operation on Lyman Orchards, a contract was signed in 1989 with Gary Player for the design of a second 18-hole golf course, which opened for play in 1994.

The late 1990s were an exciting time for golf when Tiger Woods hit the scene and the Player course soon became a valued addition to Lyman Golf.  More young people were becoming interested in golf and while Lyman’s two 18-hole golf courses provided plenty of opportunity for play, the idea of easing the transition from total novice to Par 70+ play began to take hold. 

In 2012, with instruction and beginners in mind, Lyman Golf was ecstatic to welcome the public to the newly built Golf Center and Apple Nine course.  The Par 29 course (two short Par 4 holes and seven Par 3 holes) is perfect for families and less intimidating to novices.  However, the Apple Nine is also beloved by experienced golfers looking for a quick game and is wonderful for anyone wanting a bit less walking.

The Golf Center is a hub for all things golf instruction. It began and continues to be the most well-rounded practice venue in CT with a 40-stall driving range and 20,000 square foot short game and putting practice area. We’ve also added three Trackman 4 Golf Simulators which are totally entertaining, enable year-round golfing, and can be used to add consistency to your game. What started as an excellent instruction program just continues to get better and better every year. A wide assortment of lessons and fun clinics are available with a phenomenal staff of PGA and LPGA instructors, including LPGA’s NATIONAL TEACHER OF THE YEAR 2021 Marissa Kulig Crow. We couldn’t be prouder of our instructors and encourage all levels of golfers to learn from them.

Meanwhile, at the Lyman Orchards Golf Club (the home base for the Jones and Player courses) you’ll find the delightful 1741 Pub & Grill.  Our recently updated full-service restaurant is outfitted with several TVs to catch the biggest golf tournaments, indoor and outdoor dining, gorgeous golf course views, a delicious menu of elevated pub fare, the best selection of après-golf beverages, and a line-up of entertainment and special events that will knock your socks off.

October is a beautiful time of year to golf, so now is the perfect time to see for yourself why Lyman Golf was voted Connecticut’s favorite public golf course.  In the meantime, Lyman Golf will continue to work hard to deserve this award.  We can’t wait to introduce you (or welcome you back) to our courses!

There’s a lot to love about the sport of golf, including the great outdoors, the camaraderie, and the competition.  To pay homage to the greatest game, music legends John Denver and Bing Crosby have penned songs (“18 Holes” and “Straight Down the Middle”); a gentleman in Illinois built a 30-foot-tall golf tee and another individual in Louisiana collected more than 75,000 golf balls with different logos; and on the Apollo 14 mission, Alan Shepard teed off a couple golf balls on the moon, playfully explaining: "I did this since I am patriotic and concerned about the security of the nation."  Of course, the best way to demonstrate your love of the sport is to just get out and play!  And, because of such widespread adoration and fascination with golf, opportunities to play abound.  When selecting a course to spend your valuable time, consider some of the following reasons why Lyman Golf is worthy of sharing your golf-love:     

First off, there’s VARIETY.  Lyman Orchards excels at providing “something for everyone” and that excellence extends to Lyman Golf.  A rare variety of golfing options is available at Lyman Golf for its patrons: 

Then there’s the SETTING.  Lyman Golf is a spectacular destination for its picturesque courses in central Connecticut with rolling hills, woodlands, wetlands, and grasslands.  As part of Lyman Orchards, visiting golfers can easily tie in some fruit picking, shopping, and other seasonal entertainment as part of their day.  Golfers on the Player Course even pass through the apple orchards and are treated to breathtaking 360-degree Connecticut landscape views on holes 11 and 13.    

Speaking of Connecticut, the LOCATION of Lyman Golf makes it a convenient destination for golfers near and far.  Lyman Golf is in Middlefield, CT, near Durham, CT, only 15 minutes from Middletown, CT, and only 15 minutes from Wallingford, CT, making it a perfect location to meet friends from the local area.  With easy access to I-91, Lyman Golf welcomes visitors from all parts of Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and beyond.  Click here for directions.         

It would be outrageous to talk about the reasons to love Lyman Golf without mentioning our award-winning PGA and LPGA INSTRUCTORS.  Everyone can use a little help, whether you are a golfing veteran or just learning to swing a club, and we are so proud of our instruction team.  Every type of lesson is available including private lessons, group clinics, corporate instruction, men’s programs, ladies’ programs, and junior programs and camps.  Start here on our Instruction page to learn more about our amazing instructors and programs and to find the perfect boost to your golf game.        

It’s also surprising what a little TECHNOLOGY can do to improve a game, and Lyman Golf embraces the latest tech innovations that the golf industry provides.  The right equipment can make all the difference, and Lyman Golf includes two professionally stocked pro shops (one at the Golf Club and one at the Golf Center).  If you’re looking to invest in new clubs, Lyman Golf can assist with a fitting.  Using the Trackman 4 indoor golf simulator at the Golf Center combined with professional instruction can greatly help develop a consistent iron game.  Our tech will also support you on the course through the GPS golf carts which provide your distance to the next hole – so cool!            

Another reason to love Lyman Golf is the EVENTS.  It is SO-MUCH-FUN to share your love of golf with others.  Lyman Golf hosts several leagues including separate men’s and ladies' leagues, couples’ leagues, mixed leagues, junior leagues, and even a simulator league!  Lyman Golf is also perfectly equipped to host small and large group golf outings, tournaments, and charity events including a wide range of services and catering options.  Special “FUN” events are planned throughout the year, such as Golf Fore Fun Scrambles and Night Golf with LED night balls! 

Last but not least, you will love the DINING options at Lyman Golf.  Our newest (remodeled and rebranded) restaurant is the 1741 Pub & Grill located at the Golf Club (near the Jones Course and the Player Course).  1741 serves up elevated pub fare and drinks, including plenty of favorite local craft brews on tap.  Fantastic indoor and outdoor dining is available, with golf course and driving range views, and TVs throughout showcase golf tournaments around the world.  At the Golf Center (near the Apple Nine), the Snack Bar serves up quicker favorites.  Finally, right across the street from the Golf Center sits the Apple Barrel Farm Market with a large made-to-order deli menu of artisan sandwiches and salads and even an ice cream window.                 

You know golf is wonderful.  Let Lyman Golf show you how much we love golf too.  Easy online booking is just a click away.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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